My Favorite Things

Hey all! Since it’s been a couple of months, I thought it was time and would be nice to give you a peek into my pantry. This definitely doesn’t cover everything that’s in there, but these are true staples that I can’t live without. Ok maybe I can live without them…it just wouldn’t be very pretty.

Nutiva Chia SeedNutiva Coconut OilNutiva Coconut Flour

Nutiva Products – There’s just something about the look of the packaging and the quality of the product that just gets me every time. It’s hard to pass by them in the store and not pick up something of theirs. They have other products, but these three are my favorite by far. And the coconut flour and chia seed can be found at Costco, which I love! I use the coconut oil in baking and cooking, the coconut flour in baking, and the chia with thickening, baking, and chia seed pudding. 

Cuisinart Food Processor

Cuisinart Food Processor – I seriously don’t know what I would do without this machine. Life would be a sad, sad day. I’m fairly certain I use it at least once per day. From making pesto to mayo to shredding brussels sprouts to mixing brownies-this machine can do it all! The particular one I have has actually been discontinued, but they have a new, updated model of it on their website. Mine is the huge 14 cup one, because what’s the point in being discreet? Go big or go home. 

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer – I won’t lie, this is a new one for me. I’ve dreamed of owning one for years, but I got it at my husband’s work Christmas party. That’ll be a hard party to top for sure. But so far it’s been a treat! It’s been nice to have another machine for all my mixing needs. So, now I can make brownies in the processor and cake in the mixer! It’s all about priorities people.

Maple Almond Butter 

Almond Butter – but we already had that discussion

Avocado Oil

Chosen Foods Avocado Oil – I got a HUGE bottle at Costco, and I am in LOVE. Avocado oil is the perfect oil in mayonnaise because of the subtle flavor. It’s also great in pretty much anything else you can imagine. I’ve cooked with it and baked with it also.

Le Creuset Kettle

My Le Creuset Oolong Kettle – My husband bought this little guy it for me as a “kitchen-warming” gift when we first moved into the house. It was the first package that was delivered at the house and was the first thing to be unpacked. It is my constant companion at any given point in the day. It is what supplies the hot water, which is what makes the tea. And the tea makes me happy. Very happy. 

*Disclaimer: I am not getting paid or anything to advertise for any of these products. I just really, really love them and wanted to share my thoughts with you.


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